Pressure vessels

Longitudinal welding of wrapper

is applied on welding automatic type ZEPIN, delivered in many dimensional types and constructional design. Machines are equipped by controller with digital setting of speed and weld´s length and other possibilities according to specific application.

In basic version the machine is designed for manual loading of the wrappers, the system of automatic forming and clamping the tubes can be delivered as an option. The machine can be also equipped by automatic loading equipment and used as a part of a full automatic welding line.

Welding of sockets / valve-necks

semiautomatic machines BRP-HP and BRP-OH (f. socket in shell´s center) or universal designed BRP-OH-V (out of shell´s center or in the wrapper) with servo-controlled vertical motion of the torch.

Control system with Teach-in programming of synchronous vertical movement and rotation of the welding torch in standard delivery.

Circumferential welding

range of welding automatics type BRP-VP with horizontal axis of welded tank, which is clamped between the surface plate of motor driven turntable and ( AC-servomotor ) and surface plate or centering pin on the tailstock.

If the machine will be installed in automatic line self-centering chucks can be provided for automatic centering, assembling and clamping of all the welded parts.

Special modification for full automatic operation

design of each type of equipment can be modified and equipped by automatic loading and unloading systems with the purpose to include the welding machines in semi- or full automatic production line.

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